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Ethics in Action

Welcome to the New York Society for Ethical Culture - a community of humanist fellowship and family enrichment, we are a leader in ethical education and advocacy for social justice, environmental stewardship and other contemporary issues of ethical impact.

Since 1876, we have been the cornerstone behind institutions such as the ACLU, Legal Aid Society, NAACP and Visiting Nurses, among others. Today, we continue this leadership with forums for discussion and advocacy, cultural events, community social services, and programs for youth and family.

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June Action: Healthcare is a RIGHT, not a Privilege

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Membership has Meaning

Our members are from all walks of life . . . . and walk through life with meaning: enriched with the learning, deepened with purpose and engaged in responsible living.

“When people are in crisis and lack, this is the time to give. When people live in fear, this is the time for courage. When there is hostility and judgement, this is the time for compassion. When we take that step together, this is the time to celebrate.”

We invite you see and hear what New York Society for Ethical Culture means to our members – and what it can mean to you, your family and our world.

What ETHICAL NYC Means to Me (Member video)