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Social Service Board

Empowering Caring People to Turn Ethics into Action

The Social Service Board (SSB) of United Social Services, Inc. is an affiliate of NYSEC dedicated to helping the most vulnerable members of our community through social service projects that make a difference.  For over 130 years Ethical Culture has served New York City through the work of the SSB, building a more Ethical world.  The core programs of the Social Service Board focus particularly on children and adults at-risk and in need. 
Participation in the SSB offers hope and assistance to people in need, but also offers immeasurable benefit for those who volunteer and participate.  Ethics is the soul of a secular democracy.  It inspires authentic self esteem, motivates our dynamic social conscience, and demonstrates the love, care, and trust which are the human glue of our society and helps us create a better world..  Learn more about our work or get involved.
Empowering Ethical Elders
Are you a family member, a companion or a paid caregiver caring for an elderly person?  Do you have questions?  Don’t know where to go for answers? Or not know what questions to ask?  We want to help.  The Empowering Ethical Elders (EEE) program at the New York Society for Ethical Culture will provide you with personalized guidance, helping you through the maze of resources available to you.  Our social workers Mark Zilberman Rosemary Irving, will consult with you.  Call (212) 721-4407. or see our schedule. For more information, please visit our official website.